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Thank You for Supporting Your UKTC Club

21st May, 2020
 Dear Students/Parents,

Our dedicated team of Instructors would like to thank our members who have been taking part in our online Little Tiger Cubs, Active Tigers and Taekwondo-Do classes.
Our Zoom classes have been especially well received and we are delighted with the fantastic feedback we are receiving from students. Interacting with students in our online classes and individual Zoom lessons has added an exciting new dimension to the class experience.
We are thankful and humbled by the ongoing commitment and support our members have shown to the UKTC and Little Tiger Cubs. It has meant a great deal to our Instructors through these very challenging months.
During April and May, we wanted to thank everyone for their support by offering Virtual Gift Vouchers for both months. We are delighted that many of our members have enjoyed redeeming them to participate in our special online events. Unfortunately, as this period of disruption is running longer than we anticipated, we are unable to offer any further vouchers. If there is anyone who still has vouchers to redeem, please kindly do this by 30th June 2020. If you would like to redeem any voucher value at our UKTC Shop, please contact your club instructor directly. They will be happy to assist you.
You can also redeem our Virtual Gift Vouchers by participating in our online Pre-Grading Seminars, online Black Belt Training, online Gradings and Assessments, online 1-2-1 Private Training sessions and some of our special online events we have planned in the next few weeks.
If you would prefer not to redeem the vouchers but instead re-invest their value in your clubs future, please be assured that we will use this generous financial support to continue improving and offering the very best online content available.
Thank you again for all your wonderful support.
Stay fit and healthy.
Kind regards,
Master Stephen Rooney

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3-in-1 Incredible Online Training Offer for all the Family - No Experience Required

7th April, 2020
Please share this offer with all your friends - No Experience Required
3-in-1 Incredible Online Training Offer for all the Family (Not for current UKTC members).

Martial Arts * Fitness & Flexibility * Little Tiger Cubs (for 3-5 Years)
Only £10 per month – No Joining Fee – Cancel Anytime

Learn at home with the UKTC using our exclusive combined online training programmes which include:

• Online Taekwon-Do training for all the Family
• Online Fitness & Flexibility classes for all the Family
• Our ‘Little Tiger Cubs’ Martial Arts & Essential Life Skills programme for 3 to 5 year old children

To sign up to this incredible home training package is simple. Just follow 3 easy steps as follows:

1. Click on the link below. This will allow you to electronically set up your monthly £10 direct debit.

2. Once your application is accepted we will send you the private link to our closed group online page.

3. Start learning new skills and improve your health and fitness.

Follow this link now :

United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Council

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New online Pattern Practice services coming soon

6th April, 2020
Coming Soon

Master Stephen Rooney and his Instructors are delighted to announce the following new services which will be available soon………..

  • Zoom - Small Group Pattern Practice (by Invitation)
  • Zoom & Facetime - Individual & Family Pattern Practice (on Request)
  • Online Gradings for all students (the requirement for pre-grading seminars will be suspended until classes resume)

These new and additional services will be available to all members paying their normal training fees or the temporary online fee of £30 per family per month (Option 1). Online Gradings for beginner level students (Active Tigers & Taekwon-Do students up to Yellow Belt) will be available to all students or families paying £10 per month (Option 2).

To upgrade from Option 3 (Suspended) or Option 2 (Temporary Reduced Fee), please PM the UKTC Facebook page or email

To apply for an Online Grading with Master Stephen Rooney, please email 

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UKTC conducts its first ever Online Grading

28th March, 2020
The UKTC would like announce the results of the first ever ‘Online Grading’ conducted by our organisation:

Promoted to 3rd Kup (Red Tags)
Logan Meechan

Promoted to 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)
Scott Meechan

Congratulations to Mr Meechan and his son Logan for being the first ever UKTC students to participate in an online grading.

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Master Rooney's UKTC Taekwon-Do & Little Tiger Cubs Online Training

27th March, 2020

Master Rooney's UKTC Taekwon-Do & Little Tiger Cubs Online Training
Today is the launch day for our Closed FB Page giving online training to all students of the instructors listed below. All students who are paying their normal membership fees, temporary fees (Option 1) and reduced fees (Option 2) can request access to the page by following this link and answering 3 simple questions

. The page will provide 4 classes per day (Monday to Friday) and 3 classes on a Saturday - please check the photo below showing our schedule. Sunday is Fun day where we will post fun articles, news and some pics and videos of you training. Please send them by PM. We hope you enjoy this online training experience.

Anyone who wishes to upgrade from Suspension (option 3) or who have recently cancelled in error can do so by emailing Nest Management at
Master S Rooney
Master L Rooney
Miss Risk
Miss Haining
Mrs Samson
Miss Gavin
Miss Hendrie
Mrs Leckie
Mr McNeil
Mr Wiseman
Mr Samson
Mr Vera
Mr Clark
Mr Elder
Mr Hamilton
Mr Webb
Mr Glennie
Mr Macaulay
Mr MacKellar
Mr Fulton
Mr Faulds
Mr Murphy
Mr Dillon
Miss Xeroulis
Mr Crawford
Mr Wilson

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Breaking News - Online Grading Opportunity with Master Stephen Rooney

22nd March, 2020
If you missed your grading in March please read the online offer below:

Online Grading Opportunity with Master Stephen Rooney
Limited Time Offer – Online Gradings for Active Tigers & UKTC Taekwon-Do students

Dear Parents/Students,

As the recent closure of halls descended quickly on our clubs, we were unable to conduct our quarterly gradings for some of our students. In particular, we were unable to conduct gradings for our students in Inverclyde, Erskine, Perthshire, Balfron and Lancashire. We are very disappointed to have let down our students and hope the following offer will be of interest.

We would like to offer the opportunity to test for everyone whose scheduled gradings were cancelled. This includes students who missed their recent gradings in other areas. As it is currently not safe to conduct in the normal way we would like to offer the opportunity to be assessed online.

Anyone who has missed their opportunity to test with Master Stephen Rooney can apply for an online assessment by sending an email to or by sending a pm (private message) to the UKTC Facebook page or to your instructor/club Facebook page.

Please state the student name, current rank (belt) and club (venue/town) where you/they normally train.

You will receive a reply email or pm stating what exercises you should demonstrate in a short video or series of videos (30 secs to 90 secs). This can be done using your phone and sending privately by Facebook pm or by email.

If the assessment is successful, you will be invited to make payment and will receive your new belt/tags and certificate by standard post. Grading books will be stamped at a future UKTC event.

The cost of assessment, which includes postage costs, will be £50. Details of how to make a bank transfer will be supplied on successful assessment for the new higher rank. Payment will only be required if the assessment is successful.

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21st March, 2020







Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

Gradings will be re-arranged once classes are re-started.

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All UKTC classes and events are closed until further notice

21st March, 2020

All UKTC classes and events are closed until further notice

Following Government guidelines, and in the interests of the health and safety of our members and their families, all UKTC classes and events are officially closed from today until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and look forward to welcoming everyone back to class when it is safe to do so. We hope everyone keeps fit and healthy and we are providing online training to help our members achieve this. Good luck to all and we hope to see you all soon.

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CANCELLED - All Gradings (Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd)

20th March, 2020







Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

Gradings will be re-arranged once classes are re-started.


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Change of Venue - Carlisle Trinity Leisure Centre - from 13/3/20 to 20/3/20 inclusive

13th March, 2020
Change of Venue - Carlisle Trinity Leisure Centre
Please note that all Little Tiger Cubs and Taekwon-Do classes which normally run at Trinity Leisure Centre will run at their normal times at the Sands Centre from 13/3/20 until 20/3/20 inclusive. Harraby Community Centre and Morton Manor Community Centre classes will run as normal.

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Breaking News – The UKTC are creating an Online Tuition Programme in response to the Covid-19 Virus. All classes will continue as normal.

12th March, 2020
Breaking News – The UKTC are creating an Online Tuition Programme

It’s important at this time that we continue to communicate with our parents and students at UKTC and Little Tiger Cubs. We are aware of the current situation and wish to confirm that our classes will continue as normal.

In response to the potential future disruption caused by the Covid-19 Virus, the UKTC are currently creating an Online Tuition Programme for students who may miss classes in the next few months.

Dear Student/Parent,

The UKTC would like to assure all members that we are currently working on a number of online training options for all students who are unable to attend classes or whose club may be temporarily affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19).

These online training videos and live feeds will cover all aspects of the training received in a normal class which will ensure that all members can continue with their learning and development in the period that any disruption is caused.

We will continue to update everyone in the coming weeks and would ask that everyone continues to follow the government and NHS guidelines of regularly washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol gel, as well as coughing or sneezing in to a tissue then discarding in a bucket immediately.

During this period of potential disruption we would ask that all members continue their training as normal, using the online training platform where necessary.

If any student, Little Tiger Cubs or Taekwon-Do, is likely to miss a number of classes, please be assured that the UKTC will provide complimentary classes and events to help make up the lost hours of training. The potential disruption which may be created by the Covid-19 virus is likely to be limited and therefore the UKTC kindly asks all members to continue their membership as normal, safe in the knowledge that the highest level of service and tuition will be provided.

Please keep checking our Facebook pages, Instagram account and Website page for updates.

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Open Invitation - 2020 European Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships - Scotland

17th January, 2020

Invitation – All Welcome.

2020 European Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships
20th & 21st June 2020

Saturday 20th June - All Black Belts
Sunday 21st June - All Colour Belts

Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility
1 O’Donnell Way

The 2020 European Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships are open to all Taekwon-Do students (Black Belt, Red Belt, Blue Belt & Green Belt), regardless of their membership of any national or international group. Individuals and teams are invited to participate.

To apply online please follow this link:

To download the World Championship information pack please follow this link:


Please be advised that this event is expected to be SOLD OUT for both competitors and spectators.

To guarantee your place, please book your tickets at your earliest convenience. Once the capacity of the venue for competitors has been reached there will be no further applications accepted.

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